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This blog will cease to be inforce.
For future updates,
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Let's drop this

Flirvene Updated again.
This week, bringing in even more pretty prints for you!
Hope you'll like them!
On a side note,
Thank all of your concern and golden advices.
I can only say, when u're me, u'll understand.
Unfortunately, the truth about life isn't what u think it is or even what it seemed to be.
Anyways. don't think we wanna talk about it anymore.
Spent some weekdays night visiting Frank's mom @ SGH.
Hope she'll really be well soon, hope her white platelet counts will drop and report be goodnews.
Saw her on sat night. Till almost 8odd.
Looks of her not eating well really pains me.
Hun, i know you're really worried just that you're not showing.
Pls don't worry, ma will be fine. :)
Been really worn out crazy lately.
I normally have trouble falling asleep immediately when i turn in.
But of late, I fell asleep even on my way home in hun's car.
I need rest. Haha! But i can't seem to stop working!
Everything really didn't felt much like work, especially my beloved Flirvene matters!
Hun, u're a picture-editor now.
I'm gonna start paying you for your job done, in kisses. :P
Thnks for accompanying me to do what i liked. :)
Love ya loads hun.


On my own

I've been enjoying my work. Had been really fulfilling.
I nv thought it was gonna be easy, and so it was. Probably harder than that i've imagined.

I've lived a proud me for all these yrs. Till i joined this line.
They said it's the time that i ask for support around from my friends.
For a start, that's how you go about doing it.

I dread doing that, honestly.
Of how i've heard that it's when you discover the cruel truth behind all the smiles and laughs.

All that masked intentions of ppl, all the fake 'ships' that we talk about.
I know i'll see all that, that's why i dread.

Still i had to put down my pride, and start to work around with my friends.
Other than asking for support, my intentions were also to help, in whichever way possible;
Be it to make ppl realise how they've been spending excessively or how they've been saving too much in the bank which is financially unhealthy.

No new ppl i've met, just got to know some friends better. Financially and psychologically.
I've differentiated friends apart. An enlightenment it is, to me.

Those who reply with you a laugh (leaving no answer for you);
and those who comes to asking you when are you gonna do the whole process of financial planning for them.

I'll continue to be the happy me for now.

Ppl i've met-up during these 2 weeks of my new career:
1. mervin
2. Diana
3. David
4. Chiu Wah
5. Jie Yu
6. Hui Ping
7. Lewis
8. Markus
9. + some really ''remarkable'' ppl.

It's through these ppl that i realised not all ppl are given the intellect to - make decisions.

And to all those friends, esp like Mervin and Diana, who went all out to listen to my presentation, make trip down to my office, even thou they were tired aft work.. Mervin, who was very into saving up, i recommended ILP, where your savings are growing potentially higher than inflation rate or even better (with axa track records), at the same time covered for a good sum assured of 100k-200k.

Diana, who was not too particular with insurance coverage, we took up ILP also, but reduced the S.A. to the minimum to direct the most units into her investment account. ILP n not Lump sum investment cus most of us right now are not able to fork that out. Hence we work on the D.C.A theory. Uses time horizon to reduce risk. Jia you diana! Will watch out your funds closely with you! U said we're gonna go many many places tgt in future ya! :)

Afterall these, I really has to thank hunny for being the first to jump in to help me out on my first month, to make sure i start off smooth.
It's really a blessing to me, to know that you're always ''there'' no matter what.

He's my True-est Friend Found.
Those ppl who participated in my 3 joint-field-work. I remember for life.
n diana, i dunnid to remember you, cus you're always with me! I'll nv be able to even forget a lil'! haha!!
Diana! I'll pass you the grey dress on coming wkend k!
Pls stop insisting on paying me! :) It's nothing ok..
Hugs. As long as you like it.


Flirvene!! - ahha -

I love this pic to bits! Cus i LOVE this dress!!

My wardrope is soo packed with clothes from flirvene!! hahah...

Flirvene Affair F.I.V.E

Go See at:


Flirvene Affair F.O.U.R - Kimono Craze!

Flirvene Updated!!! :D

The crazy updates..

To start of my "lengthy" post, i'll shut all those grumblings with this picture.
The ultimatum: Picture of this century.
GH in specs, what do ya expect??

We were out to celebrate Ting's birthday..
It really beats me why Jessie is pouting her lips like this:
Maybe cus her 22nd was LOOOOoooonnnggg over.
(i'm so gonna get killed if she sees this)

This's PEI!! Our wonderful Ms Giordano to be!! :)
Congrats pei!!! HEeeee...........


And guess what, after 3.5 months with AGIS, i'm finally leaving.
No more breathing difficulties
(yes, i was so stressed up there that i have trouble with breathing),
it's great news!!!
The great bunch gave me a treat at Bali Thai - Last Lunch with all of them!!!
Nobody is happier than i am:

In the picture:
Charismatic Sengz, charming sophan, bubbly & cute Azmy, Fun-loving Joseph!

My lovely 2 ladies in AGIS.. They're really nice girls.. Very nice.
Plus: Poh Heng (not jewellery), Joseph (again) & Kok Pin

I will HAVE to introduce to you, my die-hard AGIS buddy..
I practically love him to bits.. He's kept me almost thru all ups & downs..
My main energy to laugh at AGIS.
Whenever i break into crazy laughters.. It's becus of this guy.

The "BOYS"

Lovely bunch.. I'll really miss having them around!


My new job, almost like self-employed.
Needed to get myself a smaller and lighter lappie.
Got one from Lenovo.
Hun says it's like masak-masak (toys in malay)

While waiting for my kor to install necessaries for me, took a pict of hun.
I love his shirt. Very nice. He looks good in it.
Accentuates his tall built + abit of "1-pack" :P

Close Up.


Beatty gathering.. So called.. We met up ytd (sat!).. Woots..
Missed cheryl and chy and iris so much.. It's been soooo long (esp for chy and ryl)
Babes, pls meet up more often yea!!

Left to Right: Cheryl, Chynna, Me, Iris

So much bitchings about who, and what, the where and hows...
Yak and Yak away...
Picture tgt with the boys, how can we forget about them!

Look forward to more sessions like this darlings!!


Today's Day 2

Day 2 @ AXA

Things are great at work.

So much miscellaneous stuff to do.
I'm still drilling on my products well just so i can serve my clients better. Prodt test is nxt week, but my closing for this month is on 24th.

Sigh, Dunno if i'll be in time to complete my 3-joint-fieldwork.

I'd prob need some miracles here. And ironically, the names (which i think will support me for 3 joint-fieldwork) that i wrote down, other than Diana, non are my super-lub-tgt-verylong buddy.

Anyhow, still hope i can receive support from them in ''time-to-come''.
David, is the nxt guy whom i think will readily be supporting me. And i really pin hope on him for his support. It's education time. Yea.

All i've been doing during Uni times, there're all put to used in this career. The investments that i monitored & still monitoring, how things work for the UTs. the blah and blah. They really helped me in my modular studies as well as grasping ideas quickly.

I like this people-related job alot, cus it's all about building relationships and meeting new ppl. I am excited, what's up next?



The egg tart man

It was truly a good Wed.

One of my customer / Friend, Jasmine.
She's working 1 level above mine! Haha..
So when i passed her dress to her, she gave a bag of BREAKFAST to me!

Look: Chipolata + HL - Love it! - Thanks Jasmine dear!

And.. Look at this egg tart. Heh.
My co's investor, MY, got this for me. Really nice of him.
Reason being: i looked sad the day before, so that tart was to cheer me up...
It was really sweet of him.

And after we knocked off... He gave me a lift to where i was heading to - the city.
Cus he live somewhere there. Tsk. $$$.

As he mentioned that he will be having a dinner alone before he goes to meet his friend for a drink at 8plus. I volunteered to keep him company for dinner.
Watch him eat, basically, on the thought that i'll be having dinner with T-wrx later.

So... This is M.Y.!!! -- He's cute ok.. This picture doesnt do justice at all.
Jess, i tried to help you test market. But, he's attached. :( sorry babe :P

So, that's about all! Yay.. Keep you all posted again loves!



Special Rates on Lin's Blog

Hi Dears,
I would like to make it transparent to all since i've told some
that i'm giving a special rates for pieces at FLirvene.
Mandy dress will be going at $25.

Rose in black $35, for all occasions (even dinners!)

Dianelle in all colours - $35 (made of linen, soft material)

This whole set (top and skirt) + Registered Mail, is going at $50

Thanks folks!